General Terms & Conditions for the guests

Table of Contents

I. General

Article 1: About general conditions

The content of the general conditions of use of the bookmeatable.com website refers to all forms of use of content and services on the bookmeatable.com website and represents a legally valid and binding agreement between the guest and the user of the bookmeatable.com website.

The owner of the website BOOK ME A TABLE d.o.o. reserves the right to change the general conditions of use of the bookmeatable.com page without prior warning to guests and users.

Article 2: Terms used

Website with information about bookmeatable.com services, which is owned by BOOK ME A TABLE d.o.o., hereinafter: WEBSITE.

The owner, developer and manager of the website bookmeatable.com is the company BOOK ME A TABLE d.o.o., hereinafter: ADMINISTRATOR.
The website is intended for visitors – guests. These are natural or legal persons who intend to make a reservation with USERS or just information about reservations, hereinafter: GUESTS.

Personal and technical data provided by guests in order to find the appropriate service including, but not limited to, the reference number for card billing, date, time and number of people for booking with the user, hereinafter: RESERVATION.
The website is intended for restaurants, hereinafter: USERS, and their potential guests.

The website, intended for the presentation of the individual user, within the website of the administrator, hereinafter: RESERVATION INTERFACE.

Article 3: Use and abuse

Any use of the website that could damage, disable, overload or harm the website, the technical equipment or the company of the owner of the website is prohibited. The administrator reserves the right to immediately remove from the list of users those users who violate these rules or otherwise harm the website, other users, guests or advertisers.

In case of repeated violations by the same natural or legal person that could cause business damage to the owner of the website, the latter reserves the right to initiate court proceedings for compensation and elimination of damage.

Article 4: Focus on provision of accurate data

The administrator is committed to accurate and up-to-date information in all parts of the website. If the inaccuracy of the data is determined, the administrator will express his readiness to correct the errors upon a justified warning of the user or guest. The administrator will respond within 7 working days of receiving the written warning. The administrator is not responsible for the accuracy of the data.
All information published or mediated to users or guests is for informational purposes only. The administrator does not guarantee or is responsible for their accuracy, that is, the user or the guest is responsible for the accuracy of the information, depending on who provided the information in question. The administrator is also not responsible for any damage to legal or physical persons caused by the use of data on the website.

Article 5: Limitation of liability

The administrator strives to ensure the smooth and faultless operation of the website, the timeliness and accuracy of the content, and the establishment of the website in case of or after a failure of the website.

The administrator is not responsible for any damage caused to users or guests during the unavailability of the website, as well as during the use of the website in general.
Users and guests use the content on the website at their own risk. Users and guests undertake not to use the website for illegal purposes, i.e. contrary to the provisions of the law or ethical and moral standards.

All information published or mediated to users or guests is for informational purposes only. The administrator does not guarantee or is responsible for their accuracy. The administrator is also not responsible for possible damage to legal or natural persons caused by the use of data on the website.

The administrator is not a service provider, so he is not responsible for errors or damage caused by users or guests who are registered on the website or that occur in any other way. The administrator is not obliged to resolve complaints or other disputes, but can help the user or guest in resolving the complaint.

The user and the guest conclude a mutual relationship through the mediation of the administrator, but the administrator is not responsible for the realization of this relationship.

The administrator is not responsible for potential inaccuracy and outdated content or unavailability of the website, for interruptions in access to the website or for interruptions in the use of the website, for poor quality or any other error on the website or in connection with the website.

The administrator is also not responsible for any damage that may occur to the user’s hardware, software or other equipment due to the use of the website. The user and guest must ensure adequate equipment protection (antivirus, etc.) before accessing and using the website.

The website may use links to other websites that are not under the control of the company that owns the website. The administrator is not responsible and assumes no responsibility for the information and materials and other content available on third-party internet sites.

Users are advised to carefully read the terms of use and privacy statements on all third-party websites, before using such websites, or before publishing or sharing their personal or other information through them.

The administrator is not responsible for any payments that are made through the website, and for the data entered on that occasion on the site, and consequently is not responsible for any potential damage that may occur to the user or guest or a third party by making any payment through the website. The general terms of payment are determined in the Payment section.

Article 6: Copyright

The administrator owns the copyright to all content and queries, and their reproduction or use on other websites is prohibited by the Copyright and Related Rights Act (ZASP), except for content created by users, for which the same provisions of the ZASP also apply.

The content and data on the website are for the personal, non-commercial use of users and guests and may not be downloaded, copied, processed or distributed for commercial use, except for the content that is available for download and specifically intended for this purpose. The user can print or publish on social networks only parts of the website that are intended for personal use.

Article 7: Copyright of the user profile

The content of the internet profile of an individual user is the property of the administrator. The content and intellectual property of the user is published only with the oral or written consent of the user. Upon the user’s request, which can be written or verbal, the administrator will immediately withdraw the intellectual property or delete the user’s profile.

The user’s consent shall be deemed to be his acceptance of the conditions, i.e. his agreement with the general conditions and privacy policy.

All of the author’s profile content can be edited by the user or the administrator.

II. Use of the website – FOR GUESTS

Article 8: Making a reservation

Guests can use the website for the purpose of browsing users, by making a reservation to a selected user, or by having the administrator select suitable users for the reservation.

The privacy policy determines which specific data is collected and processed by the website administrator.

When submitting a reservation, the guest must agree to the general terms of use and privacy policy.

Article 9: Evaluation of the reservation confirmation

The user processes the received inquiry and, based on the guest’s available data, can additionally contact the guest, in case he needs additional information.

The user does not confirm the reservation in the following cases:

  • If the guest does not provide complete information
  • If the user determines that there is no available appointment for a specific reservation, the reservation will not be confirmed.
  • If the user or the administrator, based on past experiences, determines that the guest has violated the applicable general conditions of bookmeatable.com, he may decide not to confirm the reservation.

Article 10: Confirmation of the reservation

In the event that it is not an automatic reservation, if the user considers that he has enough data to confirm the reservation, the user confirms the reservation. This means that the reservation is visible to the user and the administrator, and the anonymous content of the reservation is also available in a special part of the website.

The administrator does not guarantee the response of the user chosen by the guest.
The administrator does not guarantee received reservations of the guest on behalf of the user or confirmed reservations to the user on behalf of the guest.

Article 11: Resolving complaints

Despite the fact that the administrator is not responsible for the quality of the services provided by the users and for any resulting damage, it can help the guest or the user to resolve potential complaints by means of guidelines and communication with the user.

We allow the guest to submit a written complaint for a complaint or refund:
by phone at +385 95 38 27 633
by e-mail at support@bookmeatable.com
or by mail to the address Book me a table d.o.o.; Starčevićeva 13, Split, Croatia

We will respond to a written complaint in writing within 15 days of receiving the complaint.

III. Payment

Find out more about payment on the General terms of payment.

Article 12: Payment specification

The administrator, on behalf of and for the account of the User, manages the reservation process in such a way that he receives the reservation request and receives money as a means of guaranteeing the reservation.

The Administrator calculates and charges VAT on the amount of the reservation fee charged by the User.

In the event that the Guest does not make the reservation through the User (no-show), the reservation fee is calculated and charged without VAT in accordance with the provisions of Article 25, Paragraph 6 of the Ordinance on Value Added Tax.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Guest is not entitled to a refund of the reservation fee in case of no-show or non-realization of the reservation.

IV. Miscellaneous

Article 13: Changes to the general conditions

The administrator reserves the right to make any changes, in whole or in part, to any part of the general terms and conditions, about which he must notify users in advance on the website in the usual way. Changes are valid from the moment they are published on the website. The offeror undertakes that the valid conditions will always be easily accessible on the website.

Article 14: Applicable law

The laws and regulations of the Republic of Croatia shall apply to all relationships regulated by these General Terms and Conditions, which are not regulated by the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions.

Article 15: Jurisdiction for disputes

The agreement on the acceptance of these general conditions was concluded in Split. For disputes arising from the use of website services and general conditions, the law of the Republic of Croatia is used exclusively.

Any disputes arising from this agreement will be resolved by agreement between the involved parties. Otherwise, each of the contracting parties can initiate a dispute at the competent court in Split.

The general conditions are valid until terminated or until the next content change.

Bojan Islamović, director

version 1.00 from 19/1/2024

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